The Company


The Company


Our company specialises in the production of high quality food spherifications. We have accumulated close to 40 years of experience based on innovation, quality and a sense of gastronomic excellence in each touch of flavour, consolidating our leading position on both the Spanish and the international markets.

Our Mujjól Shikrán®, Salmón Shikrán® and Anchoa Shikrán®, are just some of the products from our varied range that make us a company at the forefront of our market segment and set the standard in terms of premium quality, pleasant texture and flavour in the mouth, even after cooking.

Our spirit of continuous development here at Eurocaviar has led us to create a whole range of spherifications based on amazing ingredients like wakame, ecological codium algae, PGI Modena balsamic vinegar or Sherry vinegar, always using carefully selected raw materials.

We are based in modern facilities covering an area of 10,000 m2 in the Region of Murcia with a production capacity of 4,000 kilos per day, working to strict quality standards and certified in accordance with IFS regulations.



Our quality-focused approach, our innovative spirit, our ambition to reach beyond our own limits and the export of more than 50% of our production have resulted in Eurocaviar occupying a prominent position in the international gourmet products market, consolidating our presence and our success in more than thirty countries on four continents. Plus, our formulations are of course adjusted to adhere to legislation currently in force in destination countries.



Our spheres follow a strict system of quality and traceability controls certified according to IFS regulations. Our work in this area has earned us a number of awards, most recently the Alimentos de España 2018 Award, in recognition of our efforts to produce Spanish quality foods sustainably and efficiently. In all its 31 editions, this award has never been given to a company in a market segment like ours.

In addition to this, over the course of our company history, we have received other rewards for our work, including the Innoval 2016 Award, given to our Balsamic Vinegar Pearls, and the Laurel’87 Award back in our early days.

We are also very proud of our kosher and halal certifications, which allow us to supply our spherifications to the Hebrew and Muslim communities, enabling us to fulfil our aim of offering top quality and absolutely delicious food anywhere in the world.

And to guarantee our customers’ peace of mind at all times, we also hold the Confianza Online quality seal, a hallmark that ensures maximum transparency and security when making purchases on our website.