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We can supply you with a huge variety of food spherifications, ranging from the most classic products, made from mullet, herring and salmon roe, through to highly innovative products based on ecologically grown algae or balsamic vinegar, so you can enjoy a surprising assortment of pearls and spheres.


Eurocaviar spheres are a top quality gourmet product with enormous advantages when it comes to storage and use in the most daring recipes, as well as for ensuring a balanced, healthy diet. One of their strong points is their versatility, as you can see below:

Low in calories. Wide range for coeliac sufferers and vegans.

They maintain their texture, flavour and colour both when served chilled and after cooking.

They don't fade, improving the presentation of all kinds of dishes.

They should be stored chilled at between 2 and 12ºC, although we have a range that remains stable at room temperature.

They are suitable for a wide variety of uses because of their good storage and shelf life.

Smoked herring and roe

mullet in spheres.


Smoked herring and roe

mullet in spheres.