Scrambled eggs with cream cheese and anchoa Shikrán® in spheres

Huevos revueltos con esferas de anchoa
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3 eggs

2 tsp Anchoa Shikrán spheres (anchovy spheres)

1 tbsp cheese spread

1 tsp cream

Fresh chopped chives


½ tsp butter





Prepare the cream cheese: in a bowl, put a tablespoon of cheese spread and add the cream and a pinch of chopped chives. Mix well until you have a cream without lumps. Set aside.

Now heat the butter in a pan and let it melt. Pour in the 3 eggs (not beaten), add salt to taste and a teaspoon of Anchoa Shikrán spheres. Allow the eggs to set over medium heat while stirring.

Serve eggs with cream cheese on top. Decorate with another teaspoon of anchovy spheres and chopped fresh chives.

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