Mujjól black
Mujjól negro Shikrán®


Mujjól Shikrán®, was the first of this large family.
Elaborated from smoked herring and mullet roes. The limit for its preparation is your imagination. Cook it traditionally or innovatively and let it surprise you.

Mujjól Shikrán® in spheres. Reformed fish product.

Gluten free, suitable for celiacs. Contains fish.


Water, smoked herring, mullet roes, salt, thickener E-401, natural aromas, acidulant E-330, colourant E-153.

Gluten free

Contains fish

Nutrition table (100g)

Values 100g (IR)

Energy 91 KJ / 22 Kcal (1.55%)

Fat 0.7 g (1.42%)

Of which are saturated fatty acids 0.14 g (0.5%)

Carbohydrates 0.8 g (1.82%)

Of which are sugars 0 g (0.05%)

Protein 1.5 g (2.6%)

Salt 6.68 g (116%)

* IR:% Recommended Daily Allowance (CDR) based on a 2000 Kcal diet

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** Shipments only to mainland Spain

Crunchy hake with Mujjól Shikran Black and Red