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Asian gastronomy's exoticism within your grasp

Soy is one of the main ingredients in the millenary Asian gastronomy, and its use has spread out over the last years. And now these spheres arrive to your kitchen with an innovative form to provide you with that special touch that elevates any dish.

Certificación Vegano


Allergens: Contains soy and soy products. 

Contains cereals containing gluten.

Packaging: Vacuum-packed in glass jar.

In 50 and 200 g glass jar.

Bote Besphere. Soja
Bote Besphere. Soja
No destiñe

Colour does not fade.
It can be mixed with sauces
or whatever you want.

Apto para celiacos

Low in calories.

Se puede cocinar

You can cook it.
Use it hot or cold.

No congelar

Do not freeze.
Keep in a cool dry place
away from direct sunlight.
Once opened, keep
between 2º C and 12º C
and consume within 
10 days. 


semi-preserved food. Pasteurized.


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